8/25:00 PM

Red Letter Day
On this day in 1964, Brother Branham preached a special love letter to the Bride of Jesus Christ called The Future Home Of The Heavenly Bridegroom And The Earthly Bride.

To help commemorate this special day, Creations has posted a worksheet for the kids. There is also a special song from the YF Choir archives!

6/239:00 AM

Red Letter Day

And It said, “I’ll give you an everlasting sign.” 63-0623M

Fifty-nine years ago today, Brother Branham preached the powerful sermon Standing In The Gap! Check out the journaling, craft, worksheets and woodshop sections for projects on Standing In The Gap and Branham Peaks.

Click here for a special testimony from Brother Billy!

6/229:00 AM

June 22nd 1957

Something said, “Speak to that dead fish.”

And I said, “Little fishy, Jesus Christ has give you back your life.”

Click here to view the Cub Day worksheet for this Red Letter Day!

6/1110:00 AM

Red Letter Day 

Eighty-nine years ago today, an extraordinary event took place at the foot of Spring Street in Jeffersonville. God visited His prophet and gave him a special commission!

Check the craft and worksheets sections for several of our past projects to help you study this special event!

4/299:00 AM

We received so many amazing Easter Weekend pictures! Click here to see them.